How to keep your love from going stale? How to keep your important relationships fresh and alive? Ever renewing and growing? One of the greatest dangers to love, to any deep relationship, is complacency, taking the bond for granted, assuming that it will always be there and thus need not be attended to or nourished. Paradoxically, the stronger the relationship, the more we tend to neglect it, expecting it to remain constant and dependable indefinitely. How many times has a loved one come home to be barely noticed? Our faces locked onto to various glowing screens, be it social media or email or TV, we fail to properly acknowledge and warmly greet those nearest and dearest to us.

One solution? Imagine how you would treat a guest. You would rise, give them your full attention, welcome them, and do your best to make them comfortable. Do not those you love deserve no less?

Closing Quote:

“You’re going to lose that girl
If you don’t take her out tonight
She’s going to change her mind
And I will take her out tonight
And I will treat her kind.”
– Beatles

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier