I’ve long believed that a certain system

—which almost any intelligent person can learn—

works way better than the systems most people use [to understand the world].


What you need is a latticework of mental models in your head.

And, with that system, things gradually fit together in a way that enhances cognition.


Just as multiple factors shape every system,

multiple mental models from a variety of disciplines

are necessary to understand that system…


You have to realize the truth of biologist Julian Huxley’s idea that,

“Life is just one damn relatedness after another.”


So you must have all the models,

and you must see the relatedness and

the effects from the relatedness…


It’s kind of fun to sit here and

out think people who are way smarter than you are

because you’ve trained yourself

to be more objective and

more multidisciplinary.

– Charlie Munger

(Warren Buffet’s Lifetime Business Partner)


As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier