How would you describe your typical daily routine/schedule for success? STAY HUNGRY! I’m frequently pleased, NEVER satisfied! Specifics change with each decade and position! Coming up, growing the company, I literally worked virtually ever position in TCC including leasing specialist and service tech. Yep, I was a decent jack-of-all trades handyman in my day. My dad was a civil engineer, he taught me to take things apart and figure out how to fix things. I used to carry a full set of tools in my truck and an inventory of common parts in the trunk of my car. If I found something I could fix on the spot, I did. Plan your life, organize your week and your days. Journal, grow your hard skills, grow your soft skills, self-awareness and EQ. Become a continuous learning, ask questions, learn about EVERYTHING that touches your job, be a 360 degree leader and a voracious consumer of knowledge. Get better EVERY day.

Favorite thing about being an owner? and/or biggest regret if any? Being an owner is wonderful when the cash flow is positive, not so wonderful when the cash flow is negative. TCC has had three major, edge of disaster crisis in over 40 years. During these times when I couldn’t sleep nights, times when my wife told me I was hell to live with and I had better go back to being a decent human being soon because she couldn’t take much more.  Steering the ship in those storms is part of the job description, times when you really earn your keep. Risk, real risk, scares the day lights out of most people and if it doesn’t, then they probably don’t understand. To be an entrepreneur is to invite risk into your front yard, to open the front door of your home and invite it in as a house guest.

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier