Critical Thinking:
An objective analysis/evaluation of an issue/situation in order to form a judgment.

Critical Thinking should come BEFORE a judgment;

all too often judgment come first,

formed more by a world view,

Than by an

analytical, open minded,

clean sheet, skeptical,

questioning, verifiable,

hard fact seeking, wide reaching,

searching evaluation.

Thus people end up working very hard

to believe what they want to believe;

tying themselves in knots,

their self-concept now deeply vested in defending their belief system,

trying to make their wrong answer be the right one

Rather than truth seeking.

Closing Quotes:

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” – Henri Bergson, French Philosopher and Educator

“The one real goal of education is to leave a person asking questions.” – Max Beerhohm, British Critic, Essayist, and Caricaturist

“Too often we… enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F. Kennedy

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier