Q. Morning Mr. Collier, I hope today brings you tremendous joy! When you get a moment could you please answer the below questions?

A. Ameer! You are starting to ask hard questions about inherently soft topics! i.e. no definite answers.

How do you allow a leader in your organization to grow professionally in your company with their role and responsibilities and still make sure they are doing things how you want them to be done?

Covey talks about win/win performance agreements and that certainly is a viable method if it aligns with your style/personality.

Have you set up targets, timelines, accountability checkpoints, deadlines?

Clear expectations around both Desired Result (different from Targeted Activity) and available resources, openness to feedback and coaching (BOTH ways). Have you defined “Victory Conditions”? What constitutes “acceptable failure” i.e. short of goal but can learn from it, build on it v. “catastrophic failure” (challenger space shuttle) and all the points on the spectrum in between? We’d all love to hit home runs every time at bat but getting to 1st base is a start! But even that is different depending on if 0-0 in 1st inning v. bottom of the ninth with 2 outs and down a run.

Finally, Trust but Verify, Expect the Best, Inspect for what you Expect.

What has been the key to your success in regards to multifamily student housing property management?

No one answer. Obsessive about being a continuous learner, learning EVERYTHING I could about anything that touches my business. Obsessive about quality, excellence, and Customer Service. Hiring GREAT people who share my values and care about others. Being DRIVEN to get better every day of my life. Loving my country and the freedom and opportunity for which it stands. Staying grateful and appreciative.

What is the key to successful property management small or big?

See above.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

Leader makes sure that org is headed in right directions, sets out vision. Manager implements, makes sure things done right.

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier