Periodically NSC holds lunches with Collier Company Team Members who send in questions. The following are drawn from those events.

Are there any standardized training programs TCC is working on to put newly hired team members through? I feel as though that would benefit the entire on-site staff as well as improve employee turnover.

I agree. Sometimes it’s harder to get programs, especially effective ones, going than you can possibly imagine. I talk with my CEO about this weekly; I just sent her another email about it. Part of the challenge is I’m asking her to be prepared to prove it works i.e. not just “Targeted Activity” (Training) but also demonstrated achievement of “Desired Results”: TMs DO things better as a linked result of the training. And I insist that we be “tough graders” on ourselves, no easy ‘A’s, set high bars, choose challenging benchmarks.

What are some of the new challenges you see (aside from growing competition) concerning leasing up a property?

Our industry tends to cycles of overbuilding and the regulatory red tape and taxation burden grows yearly.

When you were first starting your business, how did you advertise the vacancies? 

Print Media! Different world, no answering machines much less cell phones, no fax machines much less internet. Pagers were all the rage.

To what do you attribute your success? 

I’m Driven! I wanted it and I wanted it from the very core of my being. EQ had much, much more do with my success than IQ. I’d experienced poverty in my youth and I did not like it one bit. Success to me represented safety. Also, I don’t watch much if any TV. I read, read, read.

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier