Crescendo is a musical term for a passage played with a gradual increase in volume or intensity and in other context means any steady increase in vigor or force. The phrase “crescendo living” is a way of expressing the concept that we should always be growing, learning, moving forward; always be building our lives, taking them to new heights or exploring new talents, interests, territories.

There is magic within you; resolve to live no ordinary life, to never sacrifice the gift. The best we can be, we must be. To be clear, it isn’t always easy, indeed, quite the opposite: it takes courage and hard work to continuingly move forward out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are well worth the investment.

Closing Quotes:

“Successful people have formed the habit of doing what others don’t do. They don’t necessarily like to do them any more than others but their dislike is subordinated to the strength of their purpose.” – Albert Gray, The Common Denominator of Success

“Getting better isn’t a hack or a trick or a one thing you need to change. Getting better is a campaign. It’s an incessant fight against temptation, weakness, and laziness. It’s a campaign of discipline. Hard work and dedication, every single day.” – Jocko Willnik, Extreme Ownership

“The more you learn, the harder it gets. The better you get, the worse you are—because the flaws that you wouldn’t even think of looking at before are now visible and need to be addressed. If you want to grow, if you want to progress, you need to always dig deeper.” – Maria Konnikova, The Biggest Bluff

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier