Below is a list of Values, courtesy of Brene Brown (Dare to Lead and Rising Strong). Under the heading of “If everything is a priority, nothing is a priority”, Dr. Brown suggests picking two and laser focus on living those values daily. While certainly some values support and imply others, I found just two a bit confining so “blue rule” bender that I am, I chose three: Family/Friends, Security, and Growth.

Learning, Knowledge, Being the Best, and Self -Discipline are also key values of mine and since I feel Growth is impossible without Learning and Knowledge, I consider them supporting or implied values. In the same vein, Connection and Belonging are related to Family/Friends. I also feel that Achievement, Personal Power, and Success are foundational to creating Security.

And since I believe in the Law of Attraction and “What You Focus on Expands”, I think other values such as Gratitude, Collaboration, Generosity, Grace, Altruism, Contribution, etc. support my primary values of Family/Friends, Security, and Growth.

Brene Brown suggests to lean further into values, answer these three questions: 

  1. “What are three behaviors that support your values?”
  2. “What are three slippery behaviors that are outside your values?”
  3. “What’s an example of a time when you were fully living into this value?”

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier