Following through on his commitment to lifelong learning and hoping to influence a more rigorous and critical course on real estate for future real estate investors and developers in the community, Nathan frequently teaches adjunctly as both as a professor and a mentor for students. In 2021, Eduniversal ranked the UF MSRE program the No. 1 Real Estate/Wealth Management program in the nation. In this program students get an interactive learning experience with access to case studies and lectures – sometimes taught adjunctly by Nathan himself. This course is designed as a practicum in which the concepts, analytic methods, and tools used for making real estate valuation and investment decisions are developed and sharpened through applied cases, projects, and seminars. In this course, Nathan emphasizes success in business and the use of soft skills within the industry, such as developing high emotional intelligence and focusing on your strengths, along with his personal business philosophies of Steward Leadership, Main Street Values, and a commitment to continuous learning.