thank_you_note.jpgTo be a little kinder than I need to be…

Occasionally, I get a bit lost on my path, wonder if I’m truly doing the best I can, if I’ve picked the right star to set my sights on. I wonder why it is so hard or takes so long. Sometimes the progress seems to come in only the most infinitesimal increments, or not at all, or I seem to be losing ground a bit.

I’ve found lots of ways over the years to cheer myself up, to reignite the fires of passion, from the company of good friends to the counsel of books of inspiration, to simply kicking back and relaxing for a while while my inner storehouses refill on their own.

But one of the most fun ways for me to recharge is to start thinking (and feeling and acting) about how to be a little kinder than I need to be.

I find “Be a little kinder than you need to be…” an intriguing phrase. It starts me thinking on many levels: How to be “a little kinder”? How kind do I “need” to be? And kinder to whom?

It works for me because it focuses my thoughts on others, on helping others. My energies start to flow in a positive direction and, best of all, it is a simple challenge. All I need to do is be on the lookout for opportunities to praise, to thank, to appreciate, to show my gratitude. That orientation will cheer up anyone!

So, how could you be a little bit kinder than you need to be today? What opportunities will you have

  • to praise
  • to thank
  • to appreciate
  • to show your gratitude?

How many people can benefit from your kindness today? How many people will benefit tomorrow as your kindness is passed on?