fan.jpgWhat defines a successful organization?

There are lots of answers to that query and bookshelves groan with treatises addressing the question.

One solid reply is that a successful organization is defined by its people, by the quality of those who have dedicated themselves to fulfilling the organization’s mission: the depth of their commitment, their degree of initiative and innovation, their level of devotion.

I call it the “Whatever It Takes” attitude, a willingness to go above and beyond, to ignore the artificial constraints of job descriptions and the limits of convention, to focus on the organizational mission with laser intensity, to execute with zest, enthusiasm, and creativity.

A fine example of “Whatever It Takes” was displayed recently when a regional property manager sent a picture of a new property manager cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan in a model apartment, attending to a small but significant detail, illustrating a personal commitment to quality that speaks volumes.

“Whatever it Takes” to get the job done, whatever it takes to hit the target, whatever it takes to get across the goal line, what it takes to take care of the customer.

The Collier Companies is an organization deeply committed to doing whatever it takes to accomplish our mission of customer service, principled profit, and continuous improvement.