anthony-robbins1.jpgTony Robbins once told a story about someone who complimented him on his public speaking and wished she had his “innate” talent. Tony gave it to her with both barrels. He explained how when he was starting out he spoke for free and that he would speak anywhere someone invited him. Invite him? Heck, Tony called every breakfast group, every Jaycee luncheon meeting, every Kiwanis dinner, every school, anyone he could think of who had a podium, and offered his services gratis.

Tony took the time to think about every speech, how to tailor it to the given audience. He invited questions during his talks. He LIKED to be thrown off his stride so that he could practice picking it back up. After a while, he LIKED tough audiences so he could learn how to win them over. After each speech, he reviewed what worked and what didn’t. Over a couple of years, he estimated that he gave more than 1,000 talks, most of them for free.

Innate speaking ability? I don’t think so!

Want better results in your life? Take MASSIVE action toward your goal. Be prepared to fail often but fail quickly and fail cheaply (low cost, high learning benefit). In other words, fail intelligently.

Your life, your future, your choices. Be aware.