wheel.bmpAh, the Rat Race. Most of us get up every morning and run it as hard as we can. Pushing ourselves to excel, to achieve more, to be more, to get more, to buy more…

Somewhere in that list of “mores” we may have lost our true selves, accepted goals that are not authentic to our complete selves.

It is important to slow down on occasion and ask, “Why?”

Why is this activity important to me? Why is it urgent? Why am I investing time and energy in this goal? What will truly be different when I achieve it?

Look back: Has achieving similar milestones gotten you the happiness you so desired? Has hitting past targets paid off in the way you expected? Brought you the contentment, the peace of mind, the satisfaction, the lasting sense of accomplishment you were seeking?

If not, time to re-evaluate. Pay attention to what REALLY makes you happy. Odds are it is the small things, life’s little joys, shared moments of camaraderie, an exchange of smiles, quiet times with friends, perhaps even giving others a needed boost along the way.

I’m ALL for being the best I can be. At the same time I want to be a very balanced, well-round best, including best father, best spouse, best community member, best human and spiritual being.