entrepreneur_001.jpgQ. What makes The Collier Companies different?

A. Entrepreneurial spirit

Q. What is entrepreneurial spirit?

A: The short answer is entrepreneurship is the ability to do more than others think possible, with fewer resources than others think necessary. Another answer is the passion and persistence to make dreams reality.

In more depth, entrepreneurial spirit is:

Burning Sense of Urgency
Burning sense of urgency means we do not let the grass grow under our feet. We have an incessant need to move briskly, with speed and conciseness, executing our decisions crisply, operating with laser focus and purpose. We tend to take the stairs two at a time and wonder why others walk when it is possible to run. In addition to efficiency, burning sense of urgency keeps us on track and does not allow everyday distractions to sway us from our mission.

Bias for Action
Bias for action means we do not put off for tomorrow what we can do today; we prefer to act rather than to have meetings. We do not write ourselves a note to make a certain call, we just make the call. Many people can do the task well and some can do it fast, but we want to be the ones who can do it fast and well.

Fire in the Belly
Fire in the belly is a deep and all-consuming drive to succeed, an unswerving dedication to achieving tremendous goals; an exceedingly strong desire, energy, or determination. Fire in the belly refers to a fever pitch of searing, scorching desire, sparking creativity and devouring all in its path, an unquenchable need to succeed at the possible highest levels, to be the best, to be world class.

(Historical footnote: The phrase “Fire in the Belly” first appeared in print in 1882, in an essay by Robert Louis Stevenson.)