tiggereeyore.jpgEeyore, of course, is the Winnie the Pooh character who is chronically pessimistic, melancholic, and dismally gloomy. Heck, Eeyore could give depression a bad name. Eeyores see the worst in every situation and somehow can’t see the dawn beyond the dark. Eeyores tend to focus mainly and disproportionately on the negative, draining your energy.

Tigger is pretty much the opposite, perpetually bouncy, cheerful, outgoing, and confident. He is a pleasure to be around. Tiggers are energy givers, they charge us up, help us see and believe the best in us and in every situation. Tiggers are optimistic, solution oriented, bundles of positive energy. Tiggers are spring days, sunrises, balmy breezes, cheerleaders, caring coaches, capable of being powerful mentors and strong role models.

Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore? An energy giver or an energy black hole? Being an energy giver will serve you better. Thoughts held in mind attract in kind; look where you want to go.

Our thoughts are one of the few things truly within our control. Even if it is challenging to completely control what comes to mind, we can certainly learn to control the thoughts that stay in our minds, the thoughts we focus on, dwell on. Thoughts create world paradigms, impact our energies, and drive our actions. Even if you had a bit of Eeyore in you in the past, the past need not be the future and your tendency does not have to be your destiny. Even if a negative thing is true, does it serve you to focus on it? Even if a negative thing is true, odds are there are many positive things that also are true or could become true about a person or situation and your thoughts and energies may better serve you focused on the solution rather than the problem. Cease staring at the closed door, go looking for the open door, the unlocked door, the door ajar, the open window, the balcony opening on to spring. (Our greatest future does not always arrive gift wrapped just as we expect!)

So, which are you? Which do you want to be? How can you be more of a source of uplifting energy in your primary relationship, career, and community?