Don’t complain.

Easier said then done, especially when you include mental complaints.

Try it! I dare you to go on a “complaint diet”: 7 days, no complaints. Not even mental complaints.

It’s harder than you think. Clue in the people around you, ask them to monitor and coach you, see how long you last. Every time you catch yourself, start over. The clock starts ticking from zero again.

Hint: Try a 24 hour complaint diet and work your way up!

And once you get rid of the “stinking thinking,” replace it with positive thoughts. Become a good finder, looking for the best in everyone and every situation. As Dale Carnegie wrote in “How to Win Friends and Influence People,” people have multiple motivations so always appeal to the nobler motive.

Four times out of five, people will live up to your highest (or down to your lowest) expectations. Give them (and yourself) a splendid standard for which to shoot.

Thoughts held in mind attract in kind and what you focus on expands. What reality will you create today?