How to keep your edge? Your sharpest edge? Keep your energy levels high, your enthusiasm flowing? Stay pumped, juiced? Excited about life? Confident, cool, calm, collected, centered, competent? Passionate?

How do you do stay on top of your game on those days (weeks? months? years?) when the challenges seem to come at you fast and furious? When you feel you are doing all the right things and yet the results are coming in and life is just not cooperating?

My personal secret is the mind game, being the best at the mind game. Focusing and directing my thoughts to maximize my energies and thus the positive impact on myself and those around me. Just like your body, to stay in top shape, your mind needs regular exercise, frequent visits to a mental gym, some brain aerobics, some cerebral yoga.

Inspirational and spiritual literature, books or CDs in the car, work wonders for me in clearing my mind of negative thoughts, doubts, and fears.

“Personal Power Through Awareness” by Sanaya Roman, is a short, easy to read book (196 pages, 16 stand alone chapters) that I found very instructive, very powerful. As with most sources of wisdom, not everything spoke to me. In my younger years, if I ran across something I disagreed with in a book I discounted the entire book. Now I simply read on and use what works for me and lay aside the rest.

Thoughts from “Personal Power Through Awareness”:

– You cannot grow without challenges.

– The more you dislike problems, the more you rebel against things not going your way, the longer your problems will stay with you.

– Your deepest truth is that you are beautiful, wise and powerful.

– You are not a victim. You deny your truth when you do not acknowledge your strength and choose to imagine yourself as helpless.

– Honoring your deepest truth is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the world.

– Learn to recognize when you have picked up others’ energy and release it if it does not serve you.

– Talk of the qualities you aspire to as if you already have them.

– The mind can be trained to create calm and inner peace.

– If any area of your life is not working, one of your beliefs in that area needs to be changed.