The difference between hot water and steam is 1 degree. At 212 degrees everything changes.

Are you willing to go the “extra degree”? Do you have the passion, persistence, vision, driving dream? Remember, for that extra degree to be effective, the hard effort necessary to create the first 211 degrees must be done——the groundwork must be laid. Yet if you continue on, work hard AND smart, eventually, often when you least expect it, that extra degree will kick in. That tipping point will occur and you will be able to harvest a rich and bountiful reward.

By working smart, I mean the willingness to actively solicit feedback, to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts, continuously learning and adapting, eager to change.

Belief fuels enthusiasm, enthusiasm explodes into passion, passion is the juice that ignites our souls, lifts our spirits, puts fire in our hearts, drives us forward.

An extra degree of effort, of enthusiasm, of learning, compounded over the days, months, and years makes an incredible difference.

Closing quotes:

“There is very little difference between people but that little difference makes a big difference.” — W. Clement Stone

“It took me years to be an overnight success.” — Jim Carrey

“Luck is the intersection of hard work and opportunity.” — Unknown