I recently took some on-line courses to keep my building contractor’s license current. There was a quiz at the end of each section, and after each correct answer the program gave positive feedback. Even the wrong answers elicited gentle correction.

I LOVED the positive feedback. I enjoyed the praise. I KNEW some mindless program was randomly selecting from a database of responses, the questions were relatively easy, BUT I liked the praise! My response was so silly, yet so human. I’m in my sixth decade, I’ve got advanced degrees, accolades galore in my chosen profession, and yet I’m purring because some elementary lines of AI code were stroking me.

I chose to frame it as a much-needed reminder of the power of praise, of the universal human need for recognition and appreciation, a need too often insufficiently met. As always, I share what I most want and need to learn.

Sample responses from my electronic patron of praise:

That’s right, nice job.

Excellent work, you are on a roll!

Very nicely done!

You were really paying attention, nice job.

Your performance was impeccable.

Super! You got it.

Yes, indeed. Right you are.

You sure do know your stuff.

Your performance was fantastic!

Right you are. You are on fire!

Yes, good job smarty.

Super-duper answer quiz master.


You really did well, I could tell you were paying attention.

Very good, that one was kind of tricky.