You are the programmer of your life.

Self-discipline is how we write new programs for our lives.

“Will power” is strongest when used in alignment with “want power,” so a key to change is to teach yourself to WANT the habits and behaviors that lead you to your best self.

Self-discipline is really a form of nurturing yourself: It is choosing the behavior that will generate the life you want. Start small, build on small victories.

Focus on what you are gaining, make your desired result vivid and real in your mind. See yourself as you wish to be, consider anything you are relinquishing as simply the cost of an investment, not as a sacrifice.

You are the programmer.

Much of what you are today, what you believe, your habits and your lifestyle are the result of “programming” that you picked up from those around you, your early role models and contemporaries, without even consciously being aware of it.

If it serves you, if you are living the life of your dreams, if you are fulfilling your potential, terrific!

If there remains more you want to be and to achieve, then consider whether you need to examine all that programming you picked up willy-nilly.

Challenge your beliefs: Ask yourself: Who would I be if I didn’t believe that? About myself? About the world? About what is possible?

You are the programmer. You can write new programs.

You can observe others you admire, figure out how it could work for you, and copy the best of their programs; perhaps even write a few new, improved lines of code, personalized to your strengths and desires.

You are the programmer. What are you waiting for?

Your best life awaits you. Release your brakes now.