Happiness is a habit, a by-product of right thinking and living. You’ll be receiving this series of blog postings 2 rules at a time. Enjoy your happier life!

Here are the first 4 rules.


2. Live Smart, Avoid Dumb.

3. Have a Life Plan.

4. Think Positively, Be Solution Oriented.


5. Count Your Blessings (CYB).  List your blessings daily. Friends, family, life, health, freedom, work, home, car, education, food in your frig, leisure time, future opportunities. Dwell on them, appreciate them. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Think you do not have anything to be grateful for? One by one imagine things disappearing from your life and what you would be willing to do to get them back. In short order you will become very grateful.

6. Journal Faithfully. Journaling calms your mind, focuses your thoughts, can bring closure to your day. It’s a terrific way to gain perspective on your life, monitor your progress. A journal is not a diary; it does not have to be formal or extensive or even kept daily. Even a few lines written a few times a week about your dominant thoughts and emotions can create tremendous insights.