Here it is folks, a formula GUARANTEED to

create despair and despondency,

bring wretchedness and grief,

spread suffering and anguish,

i.e. basically destroy your life and all you hold dear:


– Get out of bed & immediately start thinking about your problems

– Count your troubles, one by one, discount or ignore all your blessings

– Allow the same old troubled thoughts to stake out territory in your mind

– Growl at your loved ones if they are the least bit less than perfect

– Judge those around you by the most fearful plot lines you can create

– Judge yourself by your good intentions even if you do not get around to acting on them

– Spend as much or more than you earn, never save for a rainy day

– Be quick to criticize (surely they appreciate your wise insights/guidance)

– Be slow to praise (swelled heads lead to laziness, slacking off)

– Stew & fret over things beyond your control or that you refuse to actually do anything about

– Don’t bother to exercise today, plenty of time for that tomorrow

– Put off reading inspirational literature, why waste time learning & growing, you are plenty smart already!

– Fill your mind with anxiety, discontent, moodiness, fear, worry and stress.


Pretty STUPID, right? Yet how many of us do all or some of the above on a regular basis? I know that I’ve fallen into a few of the above traps!