speed of trust

Drawn from “Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey The Collier Companies Fall 2013 Conference of Champions featured a two day “Speed of Trust” seminar by FranklinCovey

Trust is a catalyst that turbo charges productivity and elevates relationships. Where there is genuine trust; people relax, things flow smoother and happen faster. So, how can this wonderful thing called trust be created?

Trust begins with the “Four Cores of Credibility”

Integrity: (More than honesty, integrity includes transparency and alignment of words and behavior)

Intent: (I will do you no harm and where possible I will work for our mutual benefit)

Capability: (No matter how great your integrity or good your intent, if you lack the ability, the necessary competence, the required skill, then trust is inappropriate)

Results: (You may have the ability but for whatever reason, you do not deliver)

Note that the 1st two “Cores of Credibility” deal with Character while the last two deal with Competence.

In the final analysis, trust flows from our behavior and trustworthy people exhibit 13 key behaviors. By studying our own behavior and working to adopt these 13 key behaviors, we can increase our own trustworthiness and build high trust relationships that will increase our personal life satisfaction and professional productivity. Like many ‘secrets of success’, these behaviors are simple in principle and none will surprise you. However, simple is not always easy and what is simple in theory can be complex in application. Furthermore, the challenge in life is to do as well as we know in those all too frequent pop-quizzes that life seems to throw at us when we are least prepared or most weary. 

Studying these behaviors, immersing yourself in them, journaling about them, working with them, picking one a week to focus on, asking your friends, loved ones and co-workers to give you feedback on your efforts: this is how you become the best you that you can be, this is how you craft the masterpiece you were meant to be. If fully adding these behaviors to your “life management skills toolbox” were easy, everyone would be doing it and it would simply be table stakes. 

#1 Talk Straight: 

Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth (i.e. be a “straight shooter”). Avoid the “Counterfeit Behaviors” of “beating around the bush, withholding information, double-talk, flattery, positioning, posturing, and spinning.” At the same time, practice balance: straight talk should never be an excuse to engage in cruel, thoughtless talk or rudeness. Speak always with a good agenda springing from a sincere desire to help. Let diplomacy and tact be your watch words. 

#2 Demonstrate Respect:

Your words and actions should always reflect a deep and abiding awareness of the inherent value of each and every human being. How you treat the one is compelling evidence of how you will treat the many. When people observe you treating others with anything other than kindness and fairness, they will legitimately question how you will eventually treat them. When you are civil and polite to all, regardless of their station in life or their ability to do anything for you, you show your fundamental trustworthiness.

Footnote: The above represent a synopsis of portions of “Speed of Trust” by Stephen M.R. Covey