What would it take for you to give yourself ‘Gold Stars Forever’? Notice I didn’t say “earn” or “get” Gold Stars Forever, I said “give yourself” Gold Stars Forever. Now, I am NOT suggesting that you coast or give yourself grades you do not deserve. I am suggesting that you can always find some improvement, some positive thought and/or action, some way to advance, some spark of fire that you can support and encourage.

I am also saying that you MUST be on your own side, you HAVE to be your own cheerleader, continually auditioning for the role of your own BFF. Do NOT let your inner critic take control of your mind and spirit, do NOT rent space inside your head to voices that do not love and support you!

When I miss a shot in racquetball, I IMMEDIATELY replay it in my mind as I meant it to be: a wicked corner shot, a devastating roll out, a splendid passing shot. That winning shot is what I want to remember in my mind, the thought I want to be last in my consciousness as I prepare to play the next rally. I’ve hit all these shots before and having hit them once, I KNOW it is in me to hit them again and that is what I must call forth from within.

Remember your BEST moments, keep them in the forefront of your mind; make a treasured collection of those memories, of your finest hours, you at your best. Do so consistently; journal on them and you will create more and more of them. Thoughts held in mind attract in kind, what you focus on expands.

Believe in yourself! Believe in your best possible self, always see that growing, learning, glowing person in your mind and you move toward them steadily!