Awareness: Pay attention to your energy levels, what raises them, what drains them. Learn your patterns and routines and triggers. Understanding your energy levels is the first step to being able to control them, increasing positive energy and reducing energy drains. 

Your energy levels flow from your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Everything is connected at some level. The better self-concept you have, the more you surround yourself with positive, can do personalities, the more your life is aligned with your personal purpose and the energy you will feel. The mind body connection is strong. Just as your body is what you feed it, so too is your emotional state highly impacted by the thoughts you choose to allow to remain in mind and the relationship you choose. 

Physical energy flows from proper nutrition, regular exercise AND positive mental focus. 

Mental energy flows from having goals that are meaningful to you personally and a plan to achieve your goals. Regularly reviewing your targets and action steps to hit your targets will help create the energy to achieve them.

Emotional energy springs from supporting relationships and a strong, vibrant network of people who care, and act as cheerleaders, coaches, and fans.

Spiritual energy is generated by regularly going to the well: reading inspirational literature or listening to CD’s in the car that put you in touch with your deepest values and meditating can help calm the mind and center the soul.  

By attending to all facets of your energy life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, you can create a powerful positive loop, a self-reinforcing upward spiral.   


As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier