Anxious, Afraid, Angry
Confused, Depressed, Destroyed, Disappointed, Dreading
Embarrassed, Exhausted
Failed, Fearful, Frightened, Frustrated, Furious
Humiliated, Hurt, Irritated, Nervous
Overwhelmed, Overloaded
Painful, Petrified, Rejected

Personally, I find the above a rather depressing, exhausting, and overwhelming series of words. Energy draining certainly, possibly leading to emotional shutdown.

How about a Re-Frame? Avoiding “shut down words”, choosing “building words”, moving toward a better, more empowering vocabulary.

Angry to Disenchanted
Afraid to Uncomfortable
Anxious to a Wee Bit Concerned
Confused to Curious, in mood to learn
Depressed to Healing
Depressed to Hitting Bottom, About to Re-Bound Big Time!
Destroyed to Temporary Set Back
Disappointed to Surprised/Re-evaluating/Learning
Dreading to Challenged
Embarrassed to Stimulated
Exhausted to Re-charging
Failed to Stumbled
Failed to Accelerated Learning Opportunity
Failure to Education
Fearful to Curious, Excited
Frightened to Expectant, Excited
Frustrated to Challenged
Frustrated to Fascinated
Furious to Passionate
Humiliated to Uncomfortable
Humiliated to Surprised
Hurt to Bothered, Peeved
Irritated to Stimulated
Irritated to Ruffled
Nervous to Energized
Overloaded to Stretching
Overwhelmed to Some Imbalance
Overwhelmed to Busy
Overwhelmed to Challenged
Overwhelmed to In Demand
Overwhelmed to Many Opportunities
Overwhelmed to Maximized
Overwhelmed to Moving and Shaking
Painful to Uncomfortable
Petrified to Challenged
Rejected to Deflected
Rejected to Learning
Rejected to Overlooked

The words we choose to use shape our thoughts and emotions which in turn guide our actions. While positivity (positive words, thinking, and emotions) is not a cure all, there is not a problem in the world that is made better by negativity, and positivity lifts the spirit and increases creativity and energy. 

Thanks to Tony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within (pp. 217-218) for most of the word pairs above.

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier