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It has been called many things by many writers: The Law of Attraction, The Law of Cause and Effect, The Yes Factor, The Universal Law. No matter what the label, The Law remains true and I assure you it applies to you and it operates in your life. Perhaps without even realizing it, you used it yesterday, you used it today, and you will use it tomorrow. The Law has been phrased many ways:

– Like attracts Like
– What you focus on expands
– Thoughts held in mind attract in kind
– What you resist, persists
– As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he

The message is that your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs powerfully impact your reality, both positively and negatively. Optimists succeed more often simply because the try more often, try harder, and try longer. On the negative side, few attempt what they believe will fail. 

The Law is not a trump card: think positive thoughts and you automatically succeed, life is much more complex than that! At the same time, it is vital to develop a deep understanding of how your thoughts, your internal monkey chatter, and your world view impact your energy levels and create your emotions. Once you develop this greater sense of self awareness, you will begin to operate at a higher, more effective level. As Peace Pilgrim said, “If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.” 

Closing Thoughts:

 “The ancestor of every action is a thought.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Words create. Know what you want to create before you speak.” ― Bangambiki Habyarimana, The Great Pearl of Wisdom 

“You should not think too much on things that do not work in your life, this can affect the gears of the things that work.” ― Davi Oliveira  

“I am the master of my mind. I dwell on positive thoughts.”  ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great! 

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier