We don’t always do as well as we know. The challenges of the day are often many; life gives us pop quizzes at the most inopportune moments, so how can we be our “best self” more often?

I find affirmations to be a wonderful way to remind myself of my core values, to center and calm myself, to focus and direct my energies. For me the key is endless repetition that drives them DEEP into my consciousness, creates grooves in my memory, makes them habitual and easy to recall in the moment of decision. I often repeat them to myself, review them, on the morning drive into work (aka the play that pays).

Also, timeless truths can be spoken in many different ways; there is something about the phrasing of my chosen affirmations that appeals to me personally, other wordings might resonate better with you.  For instance, “I am a joyful breeze” is a real pattern interrupt for me; it conjures up a lovely visualization in my mind AND it is so at odds with my driven personality that it makes me smile and think “Ok, I’ve got a way to go here, how can I chill a bit and at least take a step on that journey?”

NSC’s Fave Centering, Calming Affirmations

“Peace Like a Mighty River Flows through me, Calming me, Soothing me, Nourishing me.”
“I Radiate Love and Positive Energy.”
“I carry the Sun in my Pocket.”
“I Nourish, Support, and Praise ALL that I meet.”
“I Find Love and Support Everywhere I Go.”
“I Have a Healthy Relationship with food, I eat Slowly, Savoring each and every bite.”
“I will judge Nothing that occurs today.”
“I will release all thoughts that hurt.”
“I am responsible for all that I see.”
“All That I Give to Others, I Give to Myself.”
“Forgiveness offers me ALL that I want!”
“I am a Joyful Breeze.”
“I live Serenely in the Present Moment.”
“I Greet the Present Moment Fully, I Greet it as a Friend.”
“I have the Habit of Happiness and An Attitude of Gratitude.”

As always, I share what I most want/need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier