1. Embrace Systems Thinking: Solve the Problem, Fix/Improve the System that allowed it to happen

“All Systems are perfectly aligned to deliver the results they do.”

Systems thinking:

Seeing patterns of change over time,

feedback loops,


as well as unintended consequences;

rather than static snapshots and

one off’s

  1. Practice CTS: Critical Thinking Skills

“Critical thinking is about

Recognizing and challenging

Beliefs and assumptions

in a way that constructively

brings them into conversation.

  It is the process of

thinking about thinking, or becoming aware

of how we think about something

so that we can consider whether that thinking is serving us well.

When we think critically

we recognize that there are many factors that contribute to any situation,

we seek to understand the context of a situation as best we can,

the relationships of the factors within the context,

and how the factors are connected.”

– Nancy Southern

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier