Folks, I will soon be entering the 70th decade of my life and a wonderful ride it has been. However, I’ve noticed I’ve been indulging more and more in a subtle form of self-discipline sabotage: awarding myself “carryover credit” from past good behavior to justify, rationalize, and excuse not carrying through with being my best self.

It usually comes in some version of “I’ve worked hard all my life, I deserve a break.” All well and good, especially in moderation BUT I’ve found it is a VERY slippery slope. Each moment, each decision must stand on its own and I’ve noticed the moment I begin to use the past to rationalize backsliding in the present, my commitment begins slip sliding away, the foundations of my resolve begin to erode.

Saying “I’ve earned it” to attempt to justify unproductive behavior is really rationalization for “I’ve been good so now I get to reward myself by being bad.” While we all need R&R, there is something highly illogical about that statement!

What works best for me is when I schedule in my rest times in advance as part of my original commitment and stick to it: “I will exercise 5 days out of 7” or “I can have dessert anytime I weigh 150 or less”.

Closing Quotes:

“Discipline is the refining fire by which talent becomes ability.” – Roy L. Smith, 1887-1963

“A person without discipline is like a ship without a rudder in the storm of life.” – Robert Elias Najemy

“Self-discipline begins with mastery of your thoughts. If you can’t direct your mind, it will be doubly difficult to direct your actions.” – Unknown

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier