Curiosity! Curiosity opens wide the doors of the world. To an inquisitive mind there is always something interesting to explore, to investigate, to learn. The curious mind is never bored, always joyously consumed with wonder, eager to know what lies beyond the next bend in the road or back of the door before them. Curious folk ask incessant questions and engage with the world around them and their thirst for knowledge and growth draws others into their orbit.

The curious want to know the why behind all things and take few things on faith. As they broaden their horizons and increase their knowledge base, their ability to deal effectively with life grows exponentially, both their personal and professional power expand in tandem.

Closing Quotes:

“Be curious. Read widely. Try new things. What people call intelligence just boils down to curiosity.” – Aaron Swartz

“Develop into a lifelong self-learner through voracious reading; cultivate curiosity and strive to become a little wiser every day.” – Charlie Munger, b. January 1st, 1924, Warren Buffet sidekick

“The more you know, the more you want to know. Not only that, but the more you know, the more connections you can make between the different bits of knowledge that you have in your head and therefore the more ideas you have, which is why curiosity is really the wellspring of creativity.” – Georgina Venning

As always, I share what I most want and need to learn. – Nathan S. Collier