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You are the Creator

I am continually amazed at the extent to which our belief systems create our life. Whether we realize it or not, at some level, we…

January 30, 2024

5 Ways to Give Feedback Better, 21 Soft Ways to Say Hard Things

Note: The following is 90% from a 2018 Blog by Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team (http://knowyourteam.com). “My life’s mission is to help people…

January 18, 2024

I Once Left My Christmas Tree Up for 3 Years…

Why you might ask, and I assure you my wife did… repeatedly : ) Well, it helped that it was artificial and I safely could…

December 25, 2023

Boosting The Virtuous Cycle

To get to work every morning, I must exit a very quiet residential street onto a busy highway. Wonderfully frequently someone slows down to let…

December 5, 2023

The Great Multiplier

Do you desire happiness? Contentment? Do you want to attract good things and positive, supportive people into your life? Do you want more energy? More…

November 23, 2023

I Woke Up In America

Of late, when folk politely inquire as to the quality of my day, I respond with a cheerful ‘I woke up in America and that…

November 21, 2023

How Good is Your Doorman?

Every day, every moment, we are bombarded with a tsunami of impressions and potential inputs into our consciousness. What we choose, and we DO have…

November 16, 2023

Three Secrets to Happiness

One, there is no secret. Generally speaking, there are no hidden, esoteric keys to happiness, just obvious things, the impact of each small and easily…

August 31, 2023

The Lie We Keep Telling Ourselves… Even Though We Know Better

“I’ll be happy when…” is a refrain that echoes around the backroads of our minds, a micro program that runs all so often just beneath…

August 24, 2023

Den of Lions

Nigh on 30 years ago I read the Den of Lions by Terry Anderson, the journalist who was kidnapped by Shiite militants in Beirut, Lebanon…

August 10, 2023

Passing Trees

After having read it years ago, I am now listening to Micky Singer’s ‘Untethered Soul’ on Audible in my car. Micky uses the analogy of…

August 8, 2023

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