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Elevate Your Identity

Your identity, your self-concept, is who you think you are, the story you tell yourself about yourself as well as the standards you hold yourself…

February 29, 2024

Your Emotions are a Signal… Not a Command

Emotions are just a message about how we are interpreting events and situations in the world around us. They flow out of our expectations and world…

February 27, 2024

Happiness is Not the Goal… Neither is Eliminating Unhappiness!

Happiness is Not the Goal: Happiness can be very elusive when directly pursued. Rather, happiness is best achieved as a byproduct of living a life…

February 22, 2024

Build the Chain

We are so much the product of our habits. So how to form habits that take us where we want to go? And break the…

February 13, 2024

You Are The Project

You are the most important project you will work on your entire life. Think of yourself as a work in progress; approach your life as…

February 8, 2024

Plan Your Future in Advance

Hey, the future is going to come and if you want a better future, you’d best start doing something about it today. The most basic…

February 6, 2024

Hoping to Match Up Against a Lazy Rabbit is Not a Plan

We all know the parable of the ‘Tortoise and the Hare’ where the turtle beats the rabbit because the rabbit takes a nap. While a…

January 11, 2024

How to Bring Your Best Self To Work Every Day

We were winding up a Book Club meeting (Radical Candor by Kim Scott) when someone tossed out the question: “How do you bring your best…

January 9, 2024

Creating Change That Lasts Throughout the New Year

The life expectancy of most New Year’s Resolutions can be measured at best in days, some even mere hours. So how to create lasting change?…

December 28, 2023

I Want to Be a Good Person, I Want to Be a Good Citizen… But How Best to Help?

Many kind souls have helped me along my way and I want to give back, in part out of a sense of duty, an obligation…

December 21, 2023

Your Emotions are Messages not Masters

Folks often use their feelings to justify their behavior. Within reason, all well and good. However, reason is frequently not on the checklist before proceeding;…

December 12, 2023

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