The back of my car was packed with tools and common supplies and I tried to fix as many things on the spot as I could. I enjoyed the physical labor and the satisfaction of being able to immediately see the fruits of my efforts. I have always had deep respect for those who work with their hands – the plumbers, mechanics, electricians, carpenters, and laborers of the world without whom our lives would quickly grind to a halt.

I was able to pick up three or four houses a year with little to nothing down by the good grace of owners who trusted me with owner financing. I did my best to repay that trust with timely payments, and after a while I gained a solid reputation for keeping my promises which put me in good stead.

I was – and still am – a voracious learner. I consumed every book on real estate I could find, peppered knowledgeable people with questions, and took every course that was at all relevant – such as business law, finance, federal income tax, and more. Luck was never part of my plan; I believe the way to minimize risk is to maximize knowledge.