“Cowboy Ethics: What Wall Street Can Learn From The Code Of The West,” by James P. Owen, is a book of heart stoppingly beautiful pictures on the American West surrounded by text about the basic values of trust, fairness, responsibility, and accountability. It is not so much a book to be read as it is to be picked up to allow its visual images and thoughtful words to deeply sink in. Choose a thought or image each day and carry it with you throughout the day, and your day will be fuller, better, and brighter. And so will you.

Code of the West:

1.  Live Each Day with Courage

2.  Take Pride in Your Work

3.  Always Finish What You Start

4.  Do What Has to Be Done

5.  Be Tough, But Fair

6.  When You Make A Promise, Keep It

7.  Ride for the Brand

8.  Talk Less and Say More

9.  Remember That Some Things Aren’t For Sale

10.  Know Where to Draw the Line